Night of The Living Funk 5/13/15

Set List Time!


Funky Bow 5/8/15:  Show featured Jimmy Doo on first four songs of the second set and acoustic music from Bill Howard. Spring sun at Funky Bow provided the energy for “Karma Night” and a diverse set.  Brewins play Funky Bow, Rte 35 in Lyman each month (second Friday) for growler night and thanks for all of the support!

Set 1:

Wang Dang Doodle, Messin’ With The Kid, Harder They Come, Glendale Train, Sitting In Limbo, Come Together Jam, Perfect Order*, Morning Blues*, Gimme Some Lovin


Set 2:

West L.A. Fade Away, They Love Each Other, Lay Down Sally, Get It Together*, Big Boy Pete, The Porch Song, Dancin’ In The Streets> Stranglehold, Mercy Mercy Mercy, I’ll Make Love To You, Dead Flowers

* original songs




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