Month: September 2014

Further Bus 50th Anniversary tour – Brewins Live at Jimmy The Greek’s 9/23/2014

Escapin’ through the lily fields I came across an empty space
It trembled and exploded left a bus stop in its place
The bus came by and I got on that’s when it all began
There was cowboy Neal at the wheel of a bus to never-ever land

ken kesey pic

Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance to see the Further bus as it stops in Old Orchard Beach this Monday 9/23/2014 at Jimmy The Greek’s.  The Brewins will perform a full set to support the event after Mill Town Refraction performs a set starting at 8pm.  Two bands, no cover and a chance to get pics of the Further bus and meet the crew navigating the bus through the USA to never-ever land.  We are planning a special set of music to celebrate the vibes and spirit of this event – the adventure continues!  Email us your requests at

More info from the Neo-Pranksters:

Ken Kesey’s son, Zane, and the Neo-Pranksters are on tour now celebrating 50 years since the famous 1964 tour across America with the Merry Pranksters!!

And we were able to secure a date right here in southern Maine in OLD ORCHARD BEACH featuring music from “Mill Town Refraction” and headliner “The Brewins”.

Brewins cd cover (2)

Bring your friends, bring your camera and bring a smile!! Buy some merchandise right from the gang!!!



FURTHER ON… see you there!  Check out the new Brewins CD on itunes, amazon and google play.

WMPG 90.9 FM – Brewins play Local Motives 8/23/2014

Big thanks to Josh Lovejoy, Jim Ward and team at WMPG for inviting us to play live in studio on the Local Motives show.  

As big fans of WMPG (, we were excited to perform a radio cd release show for all the listeners.

WMPG is listener supported radio. Please support WMPG and local ad free programming. We are lucky to have such a vibrant and supportive music scene in Maine!

WMPG live on air set 8/23/2014:

Funk Them> Them Changes Jam> Young Lust> Funk Them
Perfect Order
Finders Keepers
Midnight Valentine

brewins mpg pic2

90.9 FM… tune in and get your groove on!